Psycologico – Gameplay Trailer (and more)


I have been so busy and silent, in these last months, but now I am ready to move on, starting from showing you my progresses in Psycologico.

The game upgraded to version 0.1 and, even if not playable yet beyond its tutorial session, it is close to the end of a huge and long part of the development, and this is just great, for me! I have been very busy with some technical issues and bug fixing about the core mechanic of the game, and some bugs still persist, but I hope to fix them in these days.

Has the game a release date? At the moment, not really, but I am planning to launch it in spring 2017, so keep updated and enjoy the gampeplay trailer right here.

What else?

Well, first of all, some social updates: now I am also on GameJolt, and Instagram: three more ways you can stalk my work!

About games: my previously announced small 2D project, Shimai, is currently under concept review, after an interesting and precious playtesting session. Meanwhile, I have started working on another 2D project, this time on Game Maker Studio, which will be a small memory-like escape room. Soon I will be able to give more details so, again, keep updated!

What is Project Cambridge?

Psycologico Gameplay Trailer... and this???

If you have been following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (and on Skirmish, which I really recommend if you are indie devs), you probably read some posts of mine about a mysterious 3D project, hashtag and codename: #ProjectCambridge.

I cannot tell much more than what has been already shown: it is a platform hack ‘n’ slash, and I hope those of you who are twenty or more will appreciate it.

Another thing I must say is that, after this post, I will not talk about the Project on this website any more, because this site contains advertising (I need to eat and pay bills, you know!) and there would be some issues if I posted  material about Project Cambridge here. I know you will understand what I mean. Anyway, I will keep posting about it on our social channels.


That’s all, for now. Please, take a look to the gameplay trailer for Psycologico below and, if you wish, like it and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Best wishes,

Targiom Aiogi



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